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What we do

End to end support and management of your entire technology environment as a service.

Cloud Services

SunPoint can work with your organization to put together a go to cloud strategy plan that works for your business needs.

Professional Services

Moving in a new office?  Looking for a better way to store and access your data?  Let us assess, design and deploy your next IT project to eliminate potential productivity killers in your organization.

How We Do IT


Process is at the heart of our service delivery model.  In the absence of process you invite chaos and disorder!  Neither have any place in your IT operations!  All of your IT: documented, reviewed, continuously updated.  All your support requests: logged, resolved, and documented.  


Technology is only complicated if implemented poorly. We're not afraid to be as transparent as possible when it comes to how we deliver service.  That means giving you visibility into the tools we use, the documentation we compile, and everything else to ensure that you are actively involved in the "whats what" of your IT operations.


The SunPoint team is here to ensure that new technology and dangers and known about and solved before they become a problem for you. The technology landscape never stops changing, and we never stop learning.

Our Approach

It all starts with a conversation..

It's important for us to understand what isn't / hasn't been working before we can begin designing a solution that can and will work.  

Every organization can benefit from someone who understands the company’s business objectives and can provide direction in how to use technology to support those objectives.  We’ll learn your business, identify the tech intersect and design and implement best practices to move your business forward.


What our clients have to say about us

IT support services Sam Francisco client - Cameron Hughes Wine

If anyone in the Bay Area is looking for the best IT Infrastructure outfit the only place to go is SunPoint. Nick Brady is the owner who we have worked with for over 3 years. His team is stellar.

Jessica Kogan
Cameron Hughes Wine
IT support services Sam Francisco client - Precision Body Shop & Detail

Nick's customer service, professionalism and approach is top notch. He has enabled us to grow from a 4 client to 14 client system. Thanks Nick

Anthony Caprini
Precision Body Shop & Detail

SunPoint IT has never let me down. Our computers at the office were an absolute mess before they came here and cleaned everything up. Anytime that we have had a problem they have responded in an extremely fast manner.

Marcucci Heating & Air Conditioning

Need a hand managing your I.T?

It all starts with a conversation..